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Private ENT practice expands in-office treatment options with balloon sinus dilation procedures

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Dr. Hudson is in private practice in Reno, Nevada with a staff including a nurse practitioner, office manager and technician. With approximately 12 ENTs in Reno, Dr. Hudson was looking to expand and recapture business.

“Initially when we saw balloon sinus dilation procedures coming down the road, we hoped the procedure was going to move into the office. Entellus procedures are very well suited for in-office. If there’s any opportunity for us to do the procedures in the office, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to but it gives you another option for patients. Some people just don’t want to undergo general anesthesia, and some people are very sick, so we can do the procedure in office without putting them under general anesthesia. About 15 to 20% of our candidates for sinus surgery are candidates for in-office procedures with Entellus products.”

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