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The ACUPULSE DUO: Versatility to Choose the Right Treatment for Your Patient

January 3, 2014
by Adam Armstrong


ENT Surgeons going into surgery never know what they are going to face.  What may have appeared to be one particular case on a CT scan or MRI, might be something completely different once under a surgical microscope.  The ability to adapt at a moment's notice to provide the best procedure for the patient has never been more important, and now is possible, with laser technology.

Listen to Kevin Lev, Global Product Manager with Lumenis, as he introduces the ACUPULSE™ DUO surgical laser, which can adapt even during a surgery, to treat virtually any condition that might require use of the CO2 way form.  Lev details how the ACUPULSE™ DUO is the first of its kind: a CO2 laser that combines the precision and accuracy of free beam laser technology, with the versatility of CO2 fiber lasers to reach anatomy that may not otherwise be accessible. 

Joining Lev is Lumenis CEO Tzipi Ozer-Armon, who explains why technology and procedure must go hand in hand, and how a dedication to this maxim has pushed Lumenis to be a global leader in providing innovative and quality laser solutions.

Through the versatility, ease of use, and precision of the ACUPULSE™ DUO, the capabilities of ENT surgeons will be pushed and extended to new heights to provide better outcomes and a better future for their patients.

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