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Eosera - Dr. Soham Roy

December 16, 2016    

Roughly 6 percent of the world’s population, translating to approximately 444 million people, experience issues related to cerumen impaction., There are a variety of treatments available, though the efficacy of some, such as manual irrigation and using Q-tips, is questionable at best. This begs the question: Is there an effective over-the-counter treatment for cerumen impaction?

EMA Otolaryngology: Built by ENT Physicians, For ENT Physicians

December 1, 2014     Adam Armstrong

Listen to Dr. David Lehman, Practicing ENT Physician and Medical Director of EMA Otolaryngology with Modernizing Medicine, as he outlines how EMA Otolaryngology was built and coded by an ENT physician, for ENT physicians.  Find out how EMA’s intuitive workflow, mobility through use on an iPad, outcomes management, and easy implementation process is changing the way ENTs are practicing.

Creating Revenue With an Audiology Department

April 18, 2014     Adam Armstrong

In a recent benchmark study conducted by Siemens about ENT practices with audiology departments, top performers  with $1M+ in revenue were shown to have an optimized mix of diagnostics and hearing loss treatment.

The ACUPULSE DUO: Versatility to Choose the Right Treatment for Your Patient

January 3, 2014     Adam Armstrong

ENT Surgeons going into a surgery never know what they are going to face.  Click here and listen to Kevin Lev and Tzipi Ozer-Armon of Lumenis as they introduce the revolutionary ACUPULSE™ DUO CO2 surgical laser, which seamlessly combines the capabilities of free beam and fiber based laser technologies to provide surgeons flexibility to treat virtually any condition that may require use of the CO2 way form.  Through the versatility, ease of use, and precision of the ACUPULSE™ DUO, the capabilities of ENT surgeons will be pushed and extended to new heights to provide better outcomes and a better future for their patients.

The SCANORA 3D ENT - It's HERE... Point of Care Imaging That Makes Sense

July 16, 2013    

Quick and timely access to information in the modern ENT practice is paramount to success in the future of healthcare.  The SCANORA® 3D ENT imaging system provides ENTs with point of care imaging, an array of viewing options, and the ability to plan access based on anatomy all while delivering 80% less radiation to the patient. 

Listen to ENT Surgeon, Dr. Charles Weingarten, as he describes how the SCANORA 3D ENT was a monumental addition to his practice, and how access to 3D scanning and images at the point of care has changed the way they deliver care.  Bob Diffin, National Sales Manager with Soredex, also highlights the key benefits to ENT practices, including a complete turnkey package, which takes the burden of installation and continuing support off of an ENT practice for a simple and flexible solution.  Finally, it's here...  Point of care imaging that makes sense.