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Painful rash of the auricle: Herpes zoster oticus

December 19, 2014  |  Chao-Yin Kuo, MD; Yuan-Yung Lin, MD; Chih-Hung Wang, MD, PhD

A PCR assay in addition to conventional serologic testing provides quick confirmation of the diagnosis of herpes zoster oticus infection.

Stapes surgery in patients with a small air-bone gap

August 18, 2018  |  Jeremy Lavy, FRCS(ORL-HNS); Fiona McClenaghan, MRCS


The objective of this study was to determine hearing outcomes in patients undergoing stapes surgery with a preoperative air-bone gap (ABG) <21.25 dB. Patients with a unilateral or bilateral preoperative ABG <21.25 dB undergoing primary stapes surgery were identified from...

Iatrogenic skull base cholesteatoma

August 18, 2018  |  Renuka K. Reddy, BS; Kristen A. Echanique, BS; Robert W. Jyung, MD

Iatrogenic skull base cholesteatomais a rare consequence of canal-wall-up mastoidectomy, and it can be difficult to visualize otoscopically, contributing to a delayed diagnosis.

Cochlear implantation using posterior suprameatal approach

August 18, 2018  |  Gabor Repassy, MD, PhD; Marianna Kustel, MD, PhD; Magdolna Szonyi, MD, PhD; Adam Enreiter, MSc; Ede Birtalan, MD, PhD; Laszlo Tamas, MD, PhD


When cochlear implantation was first introduced, the mastoidectomy and posterior tympanotomy approach was the most frequently used technique to gain access to the middle ear and the cochlea. Since 2000, several authors have routinely used a non-mastoidectomy nonposterior...

Analyzing Medicare payments to otologists

August 18, 2018  |  T. Edward Imbery, MD; Brian D. Nicholas, MD; Parul Goyal, MD, MBA


The study objective was to analyze Medicare payment data to otologists compared to otolaryngologists, using the publicly released Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services dataset. Charges, payments, and common Current Procedural Terminology codes were obtained. Otology...

Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and intravestibular intralabyrinthine schwannomas

August 18, 2018  |  Massimo Ralli, MD, PhD; Giuseppe Nola, MD; Massimo Fusconi, MD; Luca Sparvoli, MD; Giovanni Ralli, MD


Intravestibular intralabyrinthine schwannomas (ILSs) are uncommon benign tumors that arise from the saccular, utricular, and lateral and superior ampullary nerves. According to the literature, there is an average delay of 8 years between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis. The...

Tympanometric volume as a useful tool for the evaluation of middle ear status in chronic otitis media

August 18, 2018  |  Shin Hye Kim, MD, PhD; Hyun Sook Hong, MD, PhD; Jong Dae Lee, MD, PhD; Moo Kyun Park, MD, PhD


Tympanometric volume is a useful tool for evaluating middle ear status in otitis media. However, its usefulness in chronic otitis media (COM) has not been well evaluated. This study aimed to investigate whether tympanometric volume reflects the status of the middle ear and...

Analysis of the audiogram shape in patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss using a cluster analysis

August 18, 2018  |  Tetsuo Watanabe, MD, PhD; Masashi Suzuki, MD, PhD


We performed a cluster analysis to classify the audiogram shape in patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL). We also investigated whether the audiogram shape is a prognostic indicator in the management of ISSNHL. A total of 115 inpatients with ISSNHL...

Intradermal nevus of external auditory canal revisited

June 28, 2018  |  Pei-Hsuan Wu, MD; Hsin-Chien Chen, MD, PhD

Intradermal nevus, a subtype of melanocytic nevus, occurs relatively rarely in the external auditory canal.

Study of steroid effects on graft and inner ear outcomes in tympanoplasty: Randomized controlled trial

June 28, 2018  |  Ali Kouhi, MD; Sasan Dabiri, MD; Amin Amali, MD; Nasrin Yazdani, MD; Mahboubeh Baroodabi, MD; Taha Kouchakinejad, MD; Alireza Mohseni, MD


More studies are needed to investigate the side effects of steroids in tympanoplasty, owing to the paucity of such studies in the literature. This randomized, controlled clinical trial included 59 patients with chronic otitis media who underwent tympanoplasty and were...

Revision stapes surgery after stapedotomy: A retrospective evaluation of 75 cases

June 28, 2018  |  Enrico Maria Amadei, MD; Claudio Cola, MD


We retrospectively evaluated a series of 75 surgical revisions after stapedotomy for the treatment of otosclerosis, carried out between 2001 and 2015. Intraoperative findings, causes of failure, and surgical solutions using an angular prosthesis, Causse prosthesis, and glass-...

Mastoid obliteration, scutum plasty, and ossiculoplasty without staging after canal-wall-up attico-mastoidectomy in adults

June 28, 2018  |  Shao-Cheng Liu, MD; Shyi-Gen Chen, MD; Chih-Hung Wang, MD; Bor-Rong Huang, MD


In a retrospective chart review, we evaluated the surgical and hearing results of a single-stage procedure consisting of a canal-wall-up attico-mastoidectomy, mastoid cavity obliteration, scutum plasty, and ossiculoplasty. A total of 77 patients treated between March 2003 and...