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Topical hemostatic powder

October 13, 2010
by root
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Biolife has rebranded its PRO QR for Nosebleeds to its more advanced WoundSeal MD for Nosebleeds product. This nonprescription, hypoallergenic topical powder consists of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate. It is directly applied with an applicator, eliminating the inconvenience of removing packing or other material from the nose. It can also be used on hard-to-reach wounds.

When the powder combines with blood or exudates and light pressure is applied, it works independently of the blood clotting cascade to create an instant scab to stop the bleeding. The seal/scab that is created stays in place as the wound heals. The iron component of the powder interacts with blood proteins to form a thin, strong membrane, creating an occlusive barrier.

A clinical study (J Drugs Dermatol. 2010;9(2):137-40) compared the safety and efficacy of WoundSeal MD to a sterile, compressed surgical sponge for second-intention healing following Mohs Micrographic Surgery. In this study, in which at least 50% of patients were receiving anticoagulant therapy, this product showed greater efficacy and more rapid onset of action compared with the control. It also reduced erythema and produced less scarring, with a tendency toward reduction in wound size.

WoundSeal MD for Nosebleeds is available for purchase through healthcare distributors such as Henry Schein, Moore Medical, and PSS. A special introductory offer is also available by calling Biolife directly at (800) 722-7559.