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Surgical ultrasound system and power pack

October 13, 2010
by root
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BK Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, has launched its
Flex FocusTM 700 ultrasound system and BK Power Pack. The Flex Focus 700 is an ultrasound system designed primarily for ultrasound-guided surgical procedures; the BK Power Pack is a full back-up power solution for the Flex Focus family of ultrasound systems that provides cordless imaging for up to 4 hours.

The Flex Focus 700 system is designed for effortless mobility. Its high-resolution, 19-inch monitor displays sharp laparoscopic, intraoperative, and percutaneous images with precise detail,
offering a combination of utility and image quality. It is the first fully configured ultrasound system to feature a powerful, full back-up power solution, which is intended to improve overall departmental efficiency and reduce patient wait times.

The fully charged BK Power Pack provides approximately 4 hours of continuous operation time and 3 hours of uninterrupted scanning time, which includes both scanning and freezing during each patient exam. This enables the system to be unplugged and easily moved between patients or among imaging rooms without interruption in scanning or procedure time.

The power pack can be charged while the ultrasound system is plugged in, or with a separate charging station, in less than 3 hours. The power-save mode conserves battery power and increases battery life. When the system is placed in instant-on mode, it immediately changes from power-save to active mode. The system also features a unique continuous power display that shows the residual time left to scan, even when the system is turned off. When needed, changing the battery is simple and may be performed during an ultrasound procedure.

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