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OTC intranasal breathing aid

February 28, 2009
by root
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AirWare, Inc., has launched Brez™, an antisnoring device that fits inside the nose and lifts, expands, and supports the interior walls of the nasal passages to reduce the resistance of airflow. It is intended for use by individuals who do not have apnea. The soft, pliable breathing aid is latex- and adhesive-free and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

According to the manufacturer, a small, independent clinical study involving 26 subjects (12 men and 14 women) showed a 52% decrease in snoring events and only a 22.4% likelihood of persistent snoring when the device was used, compared with a 100% likelihood before its use.

The product was recently launched at Rite Aid Pharmacies and is also available at independent pharmacies nationwide.