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Multi-sinus dilation tool launched

June 3, 2010
by root
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Entellus Medical recently introduced its XprESS™ Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool, which received FDA clearance in February. The balloon-catheter–based device is used to dilate frontal and sphenoid sinus spaces during sinus surgery for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

ENT surgeons traditionally have used a curved sinus seeker to locate the narrowed opening of a diseased sinus and then have often employed cutting instruments to remove tissue, widen the sinus openings, and improve mucus drainage. The Entellus XprESS device features a dilation balloon that slides over the curved sinus seeker, allowing the surgeon to enlarge narrowed sinus openings by inflating the balloon. An integrated suction feature improves visibility and efficiency.

The XprESS device includes a reshapeable tip, allowing surgeons to dilate and enlarge multiple sinus openings with a single, less-invasive tool. It is also used in conjunction with traditional sinus surgery tools.