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Dx and Tx System for BPPV Disorders Launched

February 10, 2009
by root
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The launch of Vesticon Inc.’s Epley Omnimax® System, a computerized positioning device for both the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders and vertigo--including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)—has begun. The system received FDA clearance last year for marketing in the United States.
Invented by Dr. John Epley, developer of the Epley maneuver, the software-driven system uses infrared video goggles to assist in the analysis of abnormal eye movement patterns associated with the shifting of loose particles (calcium stones, or crystals) in the inner ear canals and pinpoint their location. The Omnimax System’s multi-axial maneuvering capability allows therapists to rotate patients to any position for treatment, including a 360-degree flip, to maneuver the particles out of the canal(s) into an area of the ear that will not be irritated by them. Research for this new device was supported by the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Program.