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White Papers

ENT Journal will create an objective, authoritative content asset for you based on interviews with your subject matter experts, research and/or other data-filled source materials. Written by a member of the ENT Journal stable of experts, the White Paper will be three to five pages in length and professionally edited and designed according to your branding guidelines.

The White Paper content asset will be owned by you and may be used by your marketing and sales teams and in lead generation programs with ENT Journal and elsewhere.

Here’s How It Works

You provide us with a case study, White Paper, newsletter, marketing brochure, or other document. We place it on our website(s) and notify our readers through email that the resource is available (your logo is included in the email). When readers click through to access the document, they answer a few questions before downloading it—and you receive all of the information.

Step 1. Subscribers receive an HTML promotion about your asset sent via eblast (100% SOV). Subscribers click on a link within the promotion that re-directs to your custom registration page

Step 2. Subscribers register to access your asset by providing full contact information. You may also ask up to 3 questions of your choice on the registration form.

Step 3. After registering, subscribers are given access to your asset(s)

Step 4. You receive a weekly lead report (in an excel format) with detailed registrant captured in the registration form

White Paper Benefits:

  • You’ll gain readers’ full contact information and answers to 2-3 custom multiple choice questions of your choice.
  • We’ll send you the registrants’ detailed information as part of your lead generation program as well as proof for payment.
  • We’ll promote the White/research paper on our websites, in our eNewsletters, and through dedicated email campaigns in order to obtain the specified number of leads in the allotted amount of time.

Generate qualified leads and pre-qualify key prospects by leveraging thought-leading content for the purpose of:

  • Promoting your products and services
  • Strengthening your referral database
  • Mailing your newsletter
  • Researching the market

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