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Specialty Advertising

Are you looking for value-added services? Findings ways to help your product stand out is easy with the many options we offer at ENT Journal. These options for advertisers help readers interact with their products and are eye catching and revenue generating at the same time. 


French/Barn Door

French/Barn doors feature a two-piece cover with flaps that meet in the middle—giving you the opportunity to entice readers to open the gate to view your full message. 


  • Draws attention and encourages reader interaction
  • Extends usable space in premium location
  • Builds anticipation
  • Conveys prestige through high-profile ad placement


Belly Band

Advertising on a Belly Band enables your target audience to immediately see your customized message.  And because they have to remove the band to open the magazine, readers are highly likely to notice the ads on both the front and back. You can even use the belly band copy to direct the reader to relevant copy inside.   


  • Puts your message directly in front of readers
  • Utilize incremental ad space 
  • Grab the attention of non-readers



Grab attention before anything else does through a custom-printed polybag—the first thing your prospects see before they even reach the cover.  


  • Grabs your prospect's attention
  • Explodes your brand awareness
  • Gives you primary visibility 
  • Helps you stand out from the rest


BRC (Business Reply Cards)

Reader service cards provide an easy way to connect to your target audience, and can include perforations, die cuts or additional panels to increase interest and ease of reader response.


  • Allows for data collection
  • Enables targeted promotions and editorial content
  • Affords the opportunity to cross-sell by directing reader to your website



Let your message make a real impact by prominently displaying it as a removable insert applied to the cover or inside page.  Easily removed for later reference or usage, covertips are particularly effective for special issue highlights.


  • Creates an interactive experience for the reader
  • Affords primary visibility in the publication
  • Creates multi-panel opportunities
  • Directs reader to advertisements or editorial content