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Run-of-Site Banners

ENT Journal's websites take advantage of the latest technologies in development, content management, design and ad-serving—all resulting in great benefits such as:

  • Increased speed and flexibility to develop new digital products
  • Better integration of ad units with our industry leading editorial
  • More refined ad-targeting capabilities
  • Enhanced search engine optimization for more targeted traffic
  • Better user engagement resulting in longer time on site and more page views per visit
  • A new internal search engine to keep readers engaged with relevant content continues to provide an interactive online experience for users, seamlessly integrating rich media with social media to connect with communities of industry leaders for an extended healthcare reach.

Click here for run-of-site banner specs.

Available Ad Positions:

  1. Leaderboard Top Position (728x90) File size limit 40KB
  2. Top Button Position (200x90) File size limit 40KB
  3. Full Banner Position (468x60) File size limit 40KB
  4. Big Box Position (300x250) File size limit 40KB
  5. Skyscraper Position (160x600) File size limit 40KB