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The ENT Journal eBook is a turnkey online mini-magazine on a focused topic.

ENT Journal works with the sponsor to select a topic that relates to the sponsor’s marketing objectives. The content comes from the pages of ENT Journal magazine, the ENT Journal magazine website or the ENT Journal eNewsletter.

The sponsor receives prominent placement throughout the eBook:

  • Sponsor Logo on each spread within the eBook
  • An “about the sponsor” section that contains a company description
  • A full-page ad within the eBook
  • A page of links to the sponsor’s case studies, whitepapers, or other marketing materials
  • 200 guaranteed registrants

The eBook is posted on the ENT Journal website for three months, to generate at least 200 guaranteed registrants.

The eBook is promoted through website ads, eNewsletter sponsorships, text links, or other placements selected and crafted by ENT Journal.

eBook Benefits:

  • Associate your company/brand with ENT Journal's industry leading educational content
  • Tie your company's education with ours
  • Provides focused education to a highly engaged and qualified audience
  • Promotes your company with an “about the sponsor” page
  • Guaranteed sales leads
  • 3 months of online marketing support through www.entjournal.com and the ENT Journal weekly eNewsletters
  • Adds another marketing option to your company’s own marketing arsenal
  • Positions you as an industry leader on the subject matter