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Painful rash of the auricle: Herpes zoster oticus

December 19, 2014  |  Chao-Yin Kuo, MD; Yuan-Yung Lin, MD; Chih-Hung Wang, MD, PhD

A PCR assay in addition to conventional serologic testing provides quick confirmation of the diagnosis of herpes zoster oticus infection.

The effect of zoledronic acid on middle ear osteoporosis: An animal study

November 8, 2018  |  Ozgur Surmelioglu, MD; Feyha Kahya Aydogan, MD; Suleyman Ozdemir, MD; Ozgur Tarkan, MD; Aysun Uguz, MD; Ulku Tuncer, MD; Lutfi Barlas Aydogan, MD


Hearing function in older patients may be related to bone structure. We conducted an experiment to evaluate the effect of zoledronic acid on osteoporotic middle ear ossicles in an animal model. Our subjects were 19 female New Zealand white rabbits (38 ears) weighing 2 to 4 kg....

Clinical outcome of revision cartilage tympanoplasty

November 8, 2018  |  Pei-Yin Wei, MD; Chia-Hui Chu, MD, MPH; Mao-Che Wang, MD, PhD


We retrospectively reviewed 32 ears from 30 adult patients with chronic otitis media who underwent revision tympanoplasty using cartilage graft (performed by a single surgeon) from January 10, 2011, to May 10, 2016. All procedures were performed using an endaural incision for...

Iatrogenic external auditory canal cholesteatoma with mastoid erosion

November 8, 2018  |  Yen-Hui Lee, MD; Chih-Yu Hu, MD; Wen-Yu Chuang, MD; Kai-Chieh Chan, MD

Large, complicated iatrogenic EAC cholesteatomas usually require surgical management, with the selected technique generally based on the extent of disease and the surgeon's preference.

Risk of developing sudden sensorineural hearing loss in patients with hepatitis B virus infection: A population-based study

November 8, 2018  |  Yao-Te Tsai, MD; Ku-Hao Fang, MD; Yao-Hsu Yang, MD, MSc; Meng-Hung Lin, PhD; Pau-Chung Chen, MD, PhD; Ming-Shao Tsai, MD; Cheng-Ming Hsu, MD


Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) has significant impact on quality of life. It may result from viral infection, but the relationship between hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and SSNHL remains uncertain. To investigate the risk of developing SSNHL in patients with HBV...

Primary cutaneous histoplasmosis

November 8, 2018  |  Blake Raggio, MD

Diagnosis of cutaneous histoplasmosis hinges on evidence of fungus in the wound and absence of systemic disease.

Anxiety and depression in patients with sudden one-sided hearing loss

November 8, 2018  |  Fatih Arslan, MD; Emre Aydemir, MD; Yavuz Selim Kaya, MD; Hasan Arslan, MD; Abdullah Durmaz, MD


Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is a hearing loss of >30 dB in at least three consecutive frequencies that occurs in 3 days. The aim of this study was to investigate anxiety and depression caused by sudden, idiopathic, one-sided hearing loss. The levels of anxiety and...

Salivary alpha-amylase levels in vertigo: Can it be an autonomic dysfunction?

September 27, 2018  |  Tanzer Korkmaz, MD; Yusuf Ozgur Bicer, MD; Erdinc Serin, MD; Sinan Seyhan, MD; Serap Koybasi Sanal, MD


We aim to demonstrate possible autonomic dysfunction based on salivary α-amylase measurements during and after the vertigo attacks associated with Ménière disease (MD) and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Patients admitted to the emergency room with a diagnosis of...

Primary pleomorphic adenoma of the middle ear and mastoid

September 27, 2018  |  Asnake Bitew, MD; Tsion Sahle, MD; Miriam Redleaf, MD FACS

Unlike metastatic cases, primary pleomorphic adenomas tend to recur and tend to be aggressive.

Audiologic profile in patients with ankylosing spondylitis: A controlled study of 30 patients

September 27, 2018  |  Lumy Yagueshita, MD; Lucas Resende Lucinda, MD; Valderilio Azevedo, PhD; Gislaine Richter Minhoto Wiemes, PhD; Nicole Richter Minhoto Wiemes, MD; Jose Fernando Polanski, PhD


Recent studies have identified sensorineural hearing loss as a possible manifestation of ankylosing spondylitis. We conducted a study of 30 patients with ankylosing spondylitis to characterize their audiologic profile and to correlate their disease activity and functional...

Persistent stapedial artery with ankylosis of the stapes footplate

August 22, 2018  |  Fiona C. Hill, MBBS; Bing Teh, MBBS; Michael Tykocinski, FRACS

Persistent stapedial artery may present as a pulsatile middle ear mass or may appear as an incidental finding during middle ear surgery.

Chronic otitis media with effusion in chronic sinusitis with polyps

August 22, 2018  |  Mary Daval, MD; Herve; Picard, MD, MSc; Emilie Bequignon, MD; Philippe Bedbeder, MD; Andre Coste, MD, PhD; Denis Ayache, MD, PhD; Virginie Escabasse, MD, PhD


The relationship between otitis media with effusion (OME) and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis (CRSwNP) remains unclear. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 80 consecutively presenting patients-42 males and 38 females, aged 15 to 76 years (median: 48)-who were...


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