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Allergic contact dermatitis of the auricle

May 1, 2007  |  Eric P. Wilkinson, MD; Jose N. Fayad, MD

Cell-mediated immunity in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and allergic rhinitis: A controlled study

May 1, 2007  |  Hsien Teik Wong, MS; Tengku A. Shahrizal, MS; Narayanan Prepageran, FRCS; Wye Keat Lim, FRCS; Rajagopalan Raman, MS

Tongue erosions and diet cola

April 1, 2007  |  Sharon E. Jacob, MD; Tace Steele, BA

Endoscopic view of allergic fungal sinusitis

February 1, 2007  |  Joseph P. Mirante, MD; Dewey A. Christmas, Jr., MD; Eiji Yanagisawa, MD

Comparison of intranasal hypertonic Dead Sea saline spray and intranasal aqueous triamcinolone spray in seasonal allergic rhinitis

July 1, 2005  |  Scott Cordray, DO, FAOCO; Jim B. Harjo, DO; Linda Miner, PhD
Intranasal corticosteroids are well known to be efficacious in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Nasal...

Prevalence of penicillin allergy in adults with peritonsillar abscess

April 1, 2005  |  Rakesh K. Chandra, MD; Collin E. Lee, RPh; Harold Pelzer, MD
We noticed a seemingly high prevalence of penicillin allergy in patients who had been diagnosed with...

Pediatric allergic rhinitis: Factors affecting treatment choice

March 1, 2005  |  Erwin W. Gelfand, MD
Allergic rhinitis is the most prevalent chronic allergic disease in children. Although it is not life-...

Fluconazole nasal spray in the treatment of allergic fungal sinusitis: A pilot study

October 1, 2004  |  Albert Jen, MD; Ashutosh Kacker, MD; Clark Huang, MD; Vijay Anand, MD
The authors describe a prospective pilot study designed to investigate the use of topical nasal...

Charcot-Leyden crystals: Pathology and diagnostic utility

July 1, 2004  |  Liron Pantanowitz, MD; Karoly Balogh, MD


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