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Low-grade B-cell lymphoma presenting as a uvular mass

December 31, 2012  |  Ryan Walker, MD; Ryan Heffelfinger, MD


Uvular enlargement may occur acutely as a result of infection, allergy, or trauma. Squamous cell carcinoma may present as a progressively enlarging uvular mass. Primary MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) lymphoma of the uvula and a neuroendocrine tumor of the...

Elongated uvula

July 1, 2010  |  Tal Marom, MD, Yehudah Roth, MD, and Udi Cinamon, MD

Isolated uvulitis

August 1, 2007  |  Marc Cohen, MD; Dinesh K. Chhetri, MD; Christian Head, MD

A 46-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with an 8-hour history of progressive throat pain, dysphagia, and odynophagia. Of note, she had begun her day by taking a magnesium oxide supplement for the first time. She reported no fever, chills, shortness of breath, trauma, or recent...

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