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Adult-onset iatrogenic tracheomalacia

June 1, 2008  |  Christopher Y. Chang, MD and James P. Thomas, MD

Pleomorphic adenoma of the trachea

May 1, 2008  |  Michael J. Rodriguez, MD, Giovana R. Thomas, MD, and Uzma Farooq, MD


Primary pleomorphic adenoma of the trachea is rare, as only 33 cases have been previously reported worldwide since 1922. We describe a new case of primary tracheal pleomorphic adenoma that was discovered incidentally in a 78-year-old man. The tumor was excised, and the patient...

Formation of an airway foreign body during removal of a metal tracheostomy tube: A case report

March 1, 2008  |  Mitchell R. Gore, PhD and Austin S. Rose, MD


Tracheostomy tube changes are often performed in the clinic or at the bedside without complication. We report a case in which the removal of a long-term metal tube in a clinic setting was complicated by the presence of fibrinous debris on the tube. The debris had accumulated...

Views of a type I posterior glottic stenosis before and after lysis

September 1, 2007  |  Melinda Davis-Malesevich, BS; Albert Merati, MD

Posterior glottic stenosis (PGS) can be devastating. It is estimated to occur in 4% of patients who have been intubated for 1 week and in 14% of those who have been intubated for up to 2 weeks.

Preventing posterior tracheal wall perforation in percutaneous

September 1, 2007  |  Jason S. Hamilton, MD; Sofia Avitia, MD; Ryan F. Osborne, MD, FACS

A 49-year-old woman with a history of orthotopic liver transplantation was admitted to the intensive care unit for respiratory failure requiring intubation. She had graft-versus-host disease and fever of unknown origin. The patient was unable to be weaned from ventilator support, so the ICU team...

Aspirated tracheobronchial foreign bodies: A Jordanian experience

February 1, 2007  |  Tareq Mahafza, FRCS; Yousef Khader, ScD

Blood-but not bleeding-at a tracheotomy site: A case of Munchausen's syndrome

October 1, 2006  |  Bart Patenaude, MD; Robert Zitsch III, MD; Scot D. Hirschi, MD
Munchausen's syndrome is a factitious illness in which patients fabricate medical problems in order to receive...

Infantile supraglottic hemangioma: A case report

June 1, 2006  |  Mehmet Ada, MD; M. Güven Güvenç, MD; Süleyman Yilmaz, MD
Hemangiomas of the airway are benign vascular lesions that can involve any site from the nares to the...

Surgical treatment of acquired tracheocele

June 1, 2006  |  Edward A. Porubsky, MD; Christine G. Gourin, MD
Acquired tracheoceles are rare clinical entities that can cause a variety of chronic and recurrent aerodigestive...

Management of a tracheal tear during laryngopharyngoesophagectomy with gastric pull-up

April 1, 2006  |  Sandra Koterski, MD; Norman Snow, MD; Mike Yao, MD
Laceration of the posterior tracheal wall is one of the risks of transhiatal esophagectomy. Various methods of...

Outcomes of primary and secondary tracheoesophageal puncture: A 16-year retrospective analysis

April 1, 2006  |  Elaine Cheng, MD; Margie Ho, MA; Cindy Ganz, MS; Ashok Shaha, MD; Jay O. Boyle, MD; Bhuvanesh Singh, MD; Richrd J. Wong, MD; Snehal Patel, MD; Jatin Shah, MD; Ryan C. Branski, PhD; Dennis H. Kraus, MD
The current study retrospectively reviewed the cases of 68 patients who had undergone total laryngectomy and...

Acute external laryngotracheal trauma: Diagnosis and management

March 1, 2006  | 
Laryngotracheal trauma may result in lifelong complications or even death if diagnosis or treatment is delayed....


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