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Giant esophageal lymphangioma

September 1, 2008  |  Melanie W. Seybt, MD and Gregory N. Postma, MD

Granular cell tumor of the esophagus presenting as a duplication cyst

March 1, 2008  |  Stacey L. Halum, MD and Charles Yates, MD

Management of hypopharyngeal and esophageal perforations in children: Three case reports and a review of the literature

January 1, 2008  |  Eric D. Baum, MD, Lisa M. Elden, MD, Steven D. Handler, MD, and Lawrence W. C. Tom, MD


We report 2 cases of pediatric hypopharyngeal perforation that occurred during endoscopy and 1 case of esophageal perforation that developed during nasogastric tube insertion at a tertiary care academic medical center. These cases were identified during a retrospective chart...

Upper esophageal web

December 1, 2007  |  Catherine J. Rees, MD and Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

Giant fibrovascular polyp of the esophagus

October 1, 2007  |  Catherine J. Rees, MD; Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

A 56-year-old man was referred to the Center for Voice and Swallowing for management of a large upper esophageal mass. He complained of intermittent regurgitation of the mass and associated dyspnea.

Patulous lower esophageal sphincter

August 1, 2007  |  Catherine J. Rees, MD; Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

A 46-year-old man presented to the Center for Voice and Swallowing with symptoms of globus, pyrosis, and solid-food dysphagia. Findings on transnasal esophagoscopy were normal except for the presence of a widely patulous lower esophageal sphincter (LES)...

Distal esophageal spasm

June 1, 2007  |  Catherine J. Rees, MD; Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

Irreversible hydrocolloid: An unusual presentation of esophageal obstruction

March 1, 2007  |  Sihun Alex Kim, MD; Robert J. Meleca, MD

Chronic esophageal stricture with Barrett's esophagus

February 1, 2007  |  Catherine J. Rees, MD; Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

Severe distal esophageal stricture

October 1, 2006  |  Sheldon R. Brown, MD

Perforating and migrating pharyngoesophageal foreign bodies: A series of 5 patients

September 1, 2006  |  Khalid Al-Sebeih, MD, FRCSC; Miloslav Valvoda, MD; Amro Sobeih, MD; Mutlaq Al-Sihan, MD
Ingestion of a foreign body is a problem seen in nearly all otolaryngologic practices. One of the least common...

Double swallow

August 1, 2006  |  Gregory N. Postma, MD; Lori M. Burkhead, PhD, CCC-SLP; William H. Moretz III, MD


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