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Huge primary leiomyosarcoma of the thyroid gland

November 8, 2018  |  Yong Tae Hong, MD; Ki Hwan Hong, MD

It is difficult to make an exact diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma before surgery and to distinguish it from anaplastic thyroid cancer,

Primary parapharyngeal leiomyosarcoma: A case report

November 8, 2018  |  Luca Giovanni Locatello, MD; Jano Maria De Cesare, MD; Cecilia Taverna, MD; Oreste Gallo, MD


Leiomyosarcoma is a rare malignant soft-tissue tumor whose cells resemble smooth-muscle tissue. It has been reported to arise in different areas of the head and neck region. Primary leiomyosarcoma of the parapharyngeal space, however, is extremely rare, as only 4 cases have...

Low-grade sinonasal sarcoma with neural and myogenic features

June 28, 2018  |  Neil G. Hockstein, MD; Peter E. Dross, MD; Shoheb Farooqui, MD; Ian N. Wilhelm, MD

The distinction between bony destruction versus erosion is important because they suggest different pathologic entities.

Laryngeal chondrosarcoma

June 28, 2018  |  Norman J. Chan, MD; Christopher Fundakowski, MD; Ahmed M.S. Soliman, MD

About 80% of laryngeal chondrosarcomas have calcifications that can be seen on CT, but MRI can help to determine extralaryngeal extension.

Undifferentiated sarcoma presenting as a slowly enlarging facial mass

April 30, 2018  |  Alexis Lopez, MD, MPH; Anton M. Kushnaryov, MD; Robert A. Weisman, MD


Head and neck sarcomas are rare and consist of a variety of histologic subtypes. We present a case of undifferentiated/unclassified sarcoma (UUS) of the maxillary sinus, a tumor subtype historically known as malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) or undifferentiated...

Myeloid sarcoma of the thyroid

December 12, 2017  |  Dana Goldenberg; Monika Joshi, MD; Jozef Malysz, MD; David Claxton, MD; Elizabeth E. Cottrill, MD

Patients who have undergone allogeneic stem cell transplants are more likely to suffer from isolated myeloid sarcoma at relapse.

Multidisciplinary management of a giant cervico-mediastinal liposarcoma: A case report and literature review

December 12, 2017  |  Andrea Galli, MD; Leone Giordano, MD; Piergiorgio Muriana, MD; Alessandro Bandiera, MD; Giampiero Negri, MD; Piero Zannini, MD; Mario Bussi, MD


Liposarcomas are rare mesenchymal tumors that usually develop in lower extremities or retroperitoneum; cervico-mediastinal presentation is quite uncommon. These neoplasms are commonly diagnosed at a late stage because they remain asymptomatic until nearby structures are...

Extraosseous Ewing sarcoma: Expanding the differential diagnosis of supraclavicular fossa tumors

January 25, 2017  |  Julio Rama-López, MD, PhD; Rafael Ramos Asensio, MD; Cesar García-Garza, MD; Pablo Luna Fra, MD; Maria del Carmen Gassent Balaguer, MD; José Fuster Salva, MD


A broad spectrum of diseases can be included in the differential diagnosis of neck masses. We report a case of extraosseous Ewing sarcoma that presented as a neck mass in a 70-year-old man. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of extraosseous Ewing...

Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma of the vocal fold

December 7, 2016  |  Chang-Yeong Jeong, MD; Choung-Soo Kim, MD


Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, previously called malignant fibrous histiocytoma, usually arises in the extremities and retroperitoneum. Primary laryngeal undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma is very rare, with only 63 cases having been reported in the literature...

Cutaneous angiosarcoma of the scalp mimicking facial cellulitis

October 25, 2016  |  Sheng-Chiao Lin, MD; Ting-Shou Chang, MD

On first appearance, angiosarcomas can be mistaken for benign lesions, such as cellulitis, hemangioma, rosacea, and rhinophyma.

Myeloid sarcomas of the head and neck in pediatric patients with myeloid leukemia

September 19, 2016  |  David W. Cuthbertson, MD; Jyotinder Nain Punia, MD; Vicki L. Owczarzak, MD


Myeloid sarcoma is a rare extramedullary tumor composed of malignant myeloid cells that occur in the presence of myeloid leukemia. We report a case series of pediatric head and neck myeloid sarcomas representative of the epidemiology, symptomatology, laboratorial correlations,...

Malignant transformation of a high-grade osteoblastoma of the petrous apex with subcutaneous metastasis

June 14, 2016  |  Casey T. Kraft, BS; Robert J. Morrison, MD; H. Alexander Arts, MD, FACS


We describe the clinical presentation, management, and pathologic findings in a case of osteosarcoma of the petrous apex with an atypical metastasis to the lower abdominal wall. We retrospectively reviewed the record of a 49-year-old man who was diagnosed with a right petrous...


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