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Parotidectomy for treatment of bulimic parotid hypertrophy

February 18, 2012  |  Ryan F. Osborne, MD, FACS, Jason S. Hamilton, MD, FACS, and Hootan Zandifar, MD, FACS

A case of congenital fistula from an accessory parotid gland: Diagnosis and treatment

January 25, 2012  |  Fábio Roberto Pinto, MD, PhD


The author reports a case of congenital fistula from an accessory parotid gland and describes its diagnosis and treatment. The patient was referred to the author's clinic for evaluation of a continuous serous discharge from a small orifice in the left cheek near the angle of...

Giant cell tumor of the masticator space: Case report and literature review

November 22, 2011  |  Melissa L. Somers, MD, Scott A. McLean, MD, PhD, and Frank Torres, MD


Giant cell tumors of the head and neck are rare. We describe the case of a 50-year-old man who presented with otalgia and eustachian tube dysfunction. After his symptoms persisted despite aggressive medical management, further investigation revealed the presence of a firmness...

Bilateral multicystic parotid masses in primary Sjögren syndrome

October 27, 2011  |  Alex S.L. Toh, MRCS, DO-HNS, Stephen J. Broomfield, MRCS, Lee-Suan Teh, MD, FRCP, Muhammad B. Aslam, FRCPath, Gavin Duncan, FRCR, and Pradeep Morar, MD, FRCSEd(ORL-HNS)


We report the case of a 48-year-old woman who presented with bilateral parotid gland enlargement as the initial manifestation of primary Sjögren syndrome. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated multiple areas of low-intensity signal mixed with foci of high-intensity signal, a...

Madelung disease

April 1, 2011  |  Silviu Albu, MD

Chronic parotitis: A challenging disease entity

March 1, 2011  |  John M. Harbison, MD, Benjamin D. Liess, MD, Jerry W. Templer, MD, Robert P. Zitsch III, MD, and Jessica A. Wieberg, MD


Chronic parotitis is a troubling clinical condition characterized by repeated infection and inflammation of the parotid gland caused by decreased salivary flow or obstruction. Unilateral swelling, pain, and other associated symptoms occur during acute exacerbations of the...

Acute parotitis induced by trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole

February 1, 2011  |  Jayna S. Patel, DO and Edward D. Scheiner, DO, FOCOO


Adverse drug reactions to the sulfonamide antibiotics are uncommon. When they do occur, they usually manifest as a rash or urticaria. Our review of the recent literature found that while sialadenitis is listed as a possible side effect of sulfonamide use, no actual case has...

Solitary cysticercosis (tapeworm) of the parotid gland

November 1, 2010  |  Ashubhalla Seith, MD, Ankur Gadodia, MD, and Raju Sharma, MD

Neonatal suppurative parotitis

October 1, 2010  |  Alba Miranda, MD and Kevin D. Pereira, MD

Multifocal synchronous ipsilateral Warthin tumors: Case report and review of the literature

September 1, 2010  |  Joseph E. Hall, MD, Melissa McCarty Statham, MD, Rachel M. Sheridan, MD, and Keith M. Wilson, MD


We report a case of a 73-year-old woman who presented with an enlarging superficial parotid mass, a concomitant ipsilateral deep-lobe parotid mass, and associated upper jugular lymphadenopathy. The clinical presentation and radiographic imaging were suggestive of malignancy,...

Sebaceous lymphadenoma: A case report and review of the literature

August 1, 2010  |  Benjamin While, MRCS, Olivia J.H. Whiteside, MRCS, Vijayadwaja Desai, MRCPath;, and Paul Gurr, FRCS


An 80-year-old woman presented with a mass in her left parotid region. An ultrasound-guided core biopsy showed sebaceous glands with lymphoplasmacytic infiltration. Magnetic resonance imaging displayed a well-circumscribed lesion within the left parotid gland. The mass was...

Primary Merkel cell carcinoma of the parotid gland

July 1, 2010  |  Mahmoud Ghaderi, DO, Jeffrey Coury, DO, Jacqueline Oxenberg, DO, and Harvey Spector, MD


Primary Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a neuroendocrine tumor that typically affects older whites. It usually originates in the dermis, but in rare instances it has arisen in other primary sites, including the oral mucosa and the parotid gland. Explanations for the presence of...


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