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Facial Nerve

Facial nerve hemangioma of the middle ear

March 1, 2009  |  Issam Saliba, MD and Jose N. Fayad, MD

From the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Montreal University Hospital Center (Dr. Saliba), and the House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles (Dr. Fayad)

An alternative treatment for facial nerve tumors: Short-term results of radiotherapy

September 26, 2008  |  Todd A. Hillman, MD, Douglas A. Chen, MD, FACS, and Russell Fuhrer, MD


A review of medical records of patients undergoing radiotherapy for facial nerve tumors was undertaken to determine subsequent facial nerve results, hearing results, and tumor control. Two patients with facial nerve tumors received this treatment. Facial nerve function remains...

A facial nerve schwannoma masquerading as a vestibular schwannoma

September 1, 2008  |  Amit Prasai, MRCS, Stephen E.M. Jones, FRCS (ORL-HNS), Justin Cross, MRCP, FRCR, and David A. Moffat, MA, FRCS


Schwannoma of the facial nerve is an extremely rare condition with an incidence far lower than that of vestibular schwannoma. We discuss the case of a woman who had been diagnosed as having vestibular schwannoma and referred to our hospital. Initially, we concurred with the...

Hemifacial Spasm

July 1, 2008  |  Enrique Palacios, MD, FACR, Jack Breaux, MD, and Jorge E. Alvernia, MD

Long-term results of microvascular free-tissue transfer reanimation of the paralyzed face: Three cases

April 1, 2008  |  John P. Leonetti, MD, Chad A. Zender, MD, Daryl Vandevender, MD, and Sam J. Marzo, MD


We conducted a retrospective case review at our tertiary care academic medical center to assess the long-term results of microvascular free-tissue transfer to achieve facial reanimation in 3 patients. These patients had undergone wide-field parotidectomy with facial nerve...

Invasive metastatic skin cancer in the background of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

February 1, 2007  |  Sofia Avitia, MD; Jason S. Hamilton, MD; Ryan F. Osborne, MD, FACS

CT appearance of incudomalleolar dislocation

February 1, 2007  |  Henriëtte E. Westerlaan, MD; Joost Gravendeel, MD

Endolymphatic sac tumor: A report of 3 cases and discussion of management

January 1, 2007  |  Joni K. Doherty, MD, PhD; Mona Yong, MD; Dennis Maceri, MD

Aberrant facial nerve

August 1, 2006  |  Natalie P. Steele, MD; Andrea Vambutas, MD

Facial nerve schwannoma presenting as a tympanic mass

June 1, 2006  |  Sejal P. Sarolia, BS; Christopher J. Danner, MD; Eren Erdem, MD

Facial nerve neuroma

December 1, 2005  |  Peter A. Weisskopf, MD; Derald E. Brackmann, MD


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