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One-year results: Transantral balloon dilation of the ethmoid infundibulum

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February 1, 2010
by James Stankiewicz, MD, FACS, Theodore Truitt, MD, and James Atkins Jr., MD


A prospective, multicenter research study is under way to demonstrate long-term improvement in chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms after transantral balloon dilation of the ethmoid infundibulum. Trial results from an interim analysis of symptomatic status using the Sino-Nasal Outcome Test 20 survey demonstrate significant and sustained improvement through post-procedure 1-year follow-up. Additionally, these data provide evidence that the symptomatic improvements following balloon expansion within the ostiomeatal unit to treat medically refractory inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, either alone or with concomitant anterior ethmoid disease, are similar.

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