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A novel method for reconstruction of severe caudal nasal septal deviation: Marionette septoplasty

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June 5, 2015
by Gurkan Kayabasoglu, MD; Alpen Nacar, MS; Mahmut Sinan Yilmaz, MD; Aytug Altundag, MD; Mehmet Guven, MD


We conducted a retrospective study to compare open and endonasal (closed) approaches to extracorporeal reconstruction of severe caudal septal deviations. From January 1, 2010, through December 31, 2013, 78 patients with severe caudal septal deviation underwent corrective surgery at our hospital. Of this group, 33 patients (mean age: 32 yr) underwent extracorporeal septoplasty via an open approach, and 45 patients (mean age: 35 yr) underwent treatment with a new procedure that we developed: subtotal extracorporeal septoplasty through a closed approach, which we call “marionette septoplasty.” In addition to demographic data, we compiled information on surgical time, the duration of postoperative edema, the degree of postoperative pain, and differences between pre- and postoperative nasal function and tip support in both groups. We found that our marionette septoplasty procedure required significantly less surgical time and resulted in a significantly shorter duration of postoperative edema than did open septoplasty, while there was no statistically significant difference between the two procedures in the degree of pain. Following surgery, nasal function in both groups improved significantly, without any significant difference between the two. Finally, we documented improved tip support in all 78 patients. Our results show that marionette septoplasty produces the same functional results as does open septoplasty while requiring less surgical time and shortening the healing period.

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