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Letters to the Editor

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February 25, 2013
by Ronald Roth, MD
Letters to the Editor

Dr. Sataloff:

Thank you for your editorial (December 2013, page 512) on part-time options for senior ENT/HNS surgeons. I have been 0.5 FTE providing ENT HNS services at a rural hospital at South Lake Tahoe for 4 years, and I can affirm that it is immensely satisfying. After 30-plus years in the West Side of Los Angeles in private practice, the overall experience in a smaller, more rural environment has exceeded my expectations.

I would recommend that a physician wishing to leave the pressure and hassles of a full-time practice consider your part-time suggestion very seriously. Not only is the academic stimulation of continuing to practice enjoyable, but also, practice in an underserved area is a whole different paradigm from a busy metropolitan situation. In my experience they are for the better and, I hope, a life-extending process.

Not only would these positions help fill the MD gap, but they also would extend the useful clinical practice lifetime of many talented and highly trained surgeons.

Ronald Roth, MD

Chief of Staff
Director of Surgical Services
Barton Memorial Hospital South Lake Tahoe, California



Your comments are appreciated. I agree with them.

Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA, FACS

Ear, Nose & Throat Journal
Ear Nose Throat J. 2013 February;92(2):57