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Distal parotid duct pseudocyst as a result of blunt facial trauma

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August 1, 2009
by Ashkan Monfared, MD, Justin Ortiz, MD, and Carrie Roller, MD


The sequelae of sharp trauma to the parotid duct, such as sialocele and salivary fistula, are well known. In contrast, complications of blunt trauma to the parotid duct are not as common. A search of the English-language literature revealed 2 cases of parotid pseudocysts caused by blunt trauma. Although no well-known management protocol exists for complications of blunt trauma to the parotid duct, the treatment modalities for sharp trauma complications potentially could be applied. We describe a case of a blunt-trauma-induced distal parotid duct pseudocyst that remained refractory to conservative management, including repeated aspiration and cannulation of the duct. After characterizing and localizing the pseudocyst with sialography and cross-sectional imaging, we performed a surgical repair. This repair involved marsupialization of the parotid duct to the level of the pseudocyst. The edges of the opening of the proximal duct and the pseudocyst were sutured to the oral mucosa, and a small intraoral drain was left in the pseudocyst to prevent collapse and abscess formation. The drain was removed after 5 days, and the patient experienced no further problems during 14 months of follow-up.

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