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CSF rhinorrhea secondary to use of a Mayfield head clamp

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July 1, 2008
by Ioannis Moumoulidis, MD, MRCS and Helen Fernandes, FRCS; Ran De, FRCS


Various complications with use of a Mayfield head clamp have been reported, from minor skin necrosis and lacerations to the more significant extradural hematomas and meningitis. To the best of our knowledge, our report describes for the first time in the medical literature, the uncommon complication of frontal sinus fracture and cerebrospinal flu-id leak caused by a scalp pin of a head clamp used during a frontal craniotomy. The cerebrospinal fluid leak settled with conservative management, and no surgical intervention was necessary. Clinicians should appreciate the possibility of such a complication and assess preoperative scans for frontal sinuses that extend to a high level, as in our patient.

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