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Approach to benign tumors of the palate: Analysis of 28 cases

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August 16, 2011
by Ahmet Ural, MD, Murat Livaoğlu, MD, Devrim Bektaş, MD, Osman Bahadır, MD, Atilla Hesapçıoğlu, MD, Mehmet İmamoğlu, MD, and Abdülcemal Ümit Işık, MD


We conducted a retrospective analysis of 28 patients-15 men and 13 women, aged 17 to 71 years (mean: 41.6)-who had undergone surgery for the treatment of a benign tumor of the hard or soft palate. The most common chief complaint was a palatal mass, which was reported by 14 patients (50.0%). Tumors were more common in the hard palate than in the soft palate by a margin of 23 to 5 (82.1 to 17.9%; p = 0.001). The most common histopathologic diagnosis was pleomorphic adenoma, which occurred in 9 cases (32.1%). Most patients were treated with local excision with clear margins, which was sufficient in almost all cases, as there were only 2 recurrences, both of which occurred in men with a hard-palate pleomorphic adenoma. For these 2 patients, a wider excision and repair with palatal islet flaps was performed, and no further recurrence or malignant transformation was observed during follow-up. Two patients with a soft-palate hemangioma were treated with an intralesional steroid injection and radiofrequency ablation, which reduced the size of their lesion considerably.

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