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Angiomatous ethmoidochoanal polyp in an infant: Case report

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November 22, 2011
by Nuno Oliveira, MD, Nuno Trigueiros, MD, Delfim Duarte, MD, and Manuel Rodrigues eRodrigues, MD


Nasal polyps are rare in children younger than 10 years. We describe the case of an infant girl who had undergone a traumatic intubation at birth that had resulted in nasal bleeding. At the age of 5 months, she was brought to us with an obstructive left nasal mass. Imaging revealed the presence of an ethmoidochoanal polyp, as well as a fracture of the posterior cribriform plate and a small associated meningocele. Four months later, the polyp was excised, and the meningocele was corrected with endoscopic nasal surgery. Pathologic evaluation identified the lesion as an angiomatous polyp, which was probably related to the previous traumatic episode. We discuss the clinical aspects of a pathologic entity that has not been previously reported in an infant.

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