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Angiogenic non-Hodgkin T/natural killer (NK)-cell lymphoma: Report of three cases

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September 26, 2008
by Rubens A. Martins-Filho, MD, Ricardo C. Demarco, MD, Fabiana C.P. Valera, MD, Catarina Shaletich, MD, Paulo R. FĂ©lix, MD, Giovana B. Badiale, MD, and Wilma T. Anselmo-Lima, MD, PhD


Angiogenic T/natural killer (NK)-cell lymphoma is a non-Hodgkin lymphoma characterized by necrosis and vascular destruction that is strongly associated with Epstein-Barr virus and AIDS. Early diagnosis is essential to improve the chances of patient survival, but severe local inflammatory infiltrate impairs histologic diagnosis by obscuring neoplastic cells. The most common markers are CD2, CD56, cytoplasmic CD3, and CD43 EBV. We describe 3 cases of angiogenic T/NK-cell lymphoma that show the diverse presentation of the same disease. Patient 1 was HIV positive and had nasal obstruction, facial edema, and ulceration of the nasal mucosa. Patient 2 had fever, a sore throat, and weight loss. Patient 3 had facial edema, fever, proptosis, and rapid development of neurologic alterations. Several biopsies were needed for histologic confirmation in these patients, despite positivity for the CD3 and CD56 markers.

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