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  • Creating Opportunities: Improving Patient Outcomes and Increasing Profits

    In this educational webinar, participants will learn about strategies to educate patients, market their services and increase treatment acceptance. Focused on the outcome of measurable growth and better health outcomes for patients, Shawn Parker, Founder of Fuel Medical Group, will demonstrate the positive impact adopting these strategies can have on your practice’s bottom line.

  • Salivary Endoscopy Applications and Advanced Techniques

    Learning objectives:
    1) To understand the current indications for salivary endoscopy and what we can hope to successfully treat when using these techniques;
    2) Discuss the nuances of salivary endoscopy tools, their uses, and their limitations;
    3) Recognize the concepts of salivary endoscopy as an adjunct to intraoral as well as external techniques to facilitate gland preservation;
  • Optimizing Your Rooming Process to Generate Ancillary Revenue

    Join Fuel Medical Group to explore actionable techniques to adjust your rooming process to increase ancillary revenue generation. The webinar will examine process implementation and subsequent case study results reflecting the impact on multiple ancillary services in ENT practices across the country.

  • The Science of Biologic Grafts in CSF Leak Repair and Skull Base Reconstruction

    Webinar participants will learn from Dr. Bradford Woodworth, residency program director for the University of Alabama, Birmingham and internationally recognized expert on sinonasal and skull base disorders, about advanced techniques for cerebrospinal fluid leak repair and skull base reconstruction with the use of biologic grafts.