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Through a turnkey solution, our Webinars increase awareness and interest in your services while our dedicated team builds attendance and manages every detail surrounding the event.

Before the Event:
Sponsors receive prominent display of their logo and company information in the following:

  • Promotional emails to your targeted audience
  • Promotional Webinar announcements in our eNewsletter
  • The event listing page at
  • An email to remind registrants of the Webinar on the day of the event
  • The Webinar registration page, which includes customizable demographic questions - you choose custom questions to prequalify leads
During the Event:
Webinars are one hour, follow a PowerPoint format, and allow ample time for Q&A. We moderate the program to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. You can:
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Push White Papers or other promotional documents to attendees
  • Add questions to an end-of program survey
  • Ask polling questions during the program
  • Link directly to social media resources
  • Block competitors and other identified individuals from attending your Webinar
After the Event:
  • You will receive full contact information on targeted attendees
  • Company mention on all follow-up and reminder emails sent to attendees and non-attendees
  • Your program will be archived online for 6 months of prolonged exposure, and you will continue to receive the contact information of those who watch the program
  • You will receive a master copy of the program, including audio and a PDF of the slides
  • Attendees will receive no-cost CEUs for eligible programs

Dont' have a speaker and a topic?

Our editors and industry partners are prepared to present key topic webinars. By sponsoring one of these turnkey topics, you'll receive all the benefits of a Custom Webinar.

Click here to view upcoming Webinar programs for ENT Journal
  • Establish your brand as a thought-leader 
  • Gain qualified leads interested in your products and services
  • Engage a captive audience with Q&A sessions and surveys
  • Ask 3-5 custom questions during registration
  • Event promotions across online, eNewsletters, and emails 
  • Corporate promotion of Webinar library at events and online
  • Extensive reporting on attendee behavior and demographics 
  • Best practices from our Webinar team
  • Post-program optimization suggestions