Facial Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Correction of caudal septal deviation: Use of a caudal septal extension graft

March 1, 2007     Annette M. Pham, MD; Travis T. Tollefson, MD, FACS

Long-lasting injectable implant for correcting cosmetic nasal deformities

January 1, 2007     Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS; Ryan M. Greene, MD, PhD; Allison A. Chambers

Paralytic lagophthalmos: Gold-weight implantation

August 31, 2006     James R. Tate, MD; J. David Kriet, MD; Travis T. Tollefson, MD

Reconstruction of the conchal bowl and external auditory canal

June 30, 2006     Suma Susan Mathews, DLO, MS; Shiby Ninan, MS, Mch

Fundamentals of dental occlusion

April 30, 2006     Sydney C. Butts, MD; Sherard A. Tatum III, MD

Rhinoplasty for the aging nose

March 1, 2006     Howard D. Stupak, MD; Calvin M. Johnson, Jr., MD

Achieving a natural nasal dorsum in rhinoplasty

January 1, 2006     Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS; Ryan M. Greene, MD, PhD

The lower-eyelid tarsal-strip procedure

November 1, 2005     Dana S. Smith, MD; Mark K. Wax, MD

Reconstruction of the eyebrow

August 31, 2005     Sheldon R. Brown, MD, DDS

Combining multiple surgical techniques for maximum scar camouflage

June 30, 2005     Steven Ross Mobley, MD

Repair of enlarged pierced-ear openings

April 30, 2005     Timothy R. Miller, MD; Karl J. Eisbach, MD, FACS

Endonasal placement of spreader grafts in rhinoplasty

March 1, 2005     Allison T. Pontius, MD; Edwin F. Williams III, MD
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