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Facial Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Pharmacologic reversal of Horner's syndrome-related ptosis with apraclonidine

May 1, 2007  |  Eugene A. Chu, MD; Patrick J. Byrne, MD

Correction of caudal septal deviation: Use of a caudal septal extension graft

March 1, 2007  |  Annette M. Pham, MD; Travis T. Tollefson, MD, FACS

Long-lasting injectable implant for correcting cosmetic nasal deformities

January 1, 2007  |  Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS; Ryan M. Greene, MD, PhD; Allison A. Chambers

Paralytic lagophthalmos: Gold-weight implantation

September 1, 2006  |  James R. Tate, MD; J. David Kriet, MD; Travis T. Tollefson, MD

Reconstruction of the conchal bowl and external auditory canal

July 1, 2006  |  Suma Susan Mathews, DLO, MS; Shiby Ninan, MS, Mch

Fundamentals of dental occlusion

May 1, 2006  |  Sydney C. Butts, MD; Sherard A. Tatum III, MD

Rhinoplasty for the aging nose

March 1, 2006  |  Howard D. Stupak, MD; Calvin M. Johnson, Jr., MD

Achieving a natural nasal dorsum in rhinoplasty

January 1, 2006  |  Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS; Ryan M. Greene, MD, PhD

The lower-eyelid tarsal-strip procedure

November 1, 2005  |  Dana S. Smith, MD; Mark K. Wax, MD

Reconstruction of the eyebrow

September 1, 2005  |  Sheldon R. Brown, MD, DDS

Combining multiple surgical techniques for maximum scar camouflage

July 1, 2005  |  Steven Ross Mobley, MD


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