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The prevalence of Samter's triad in patients undergoing functional endoscopic sinus surgery

July 1, 2007  |  Ji-Eon Kim, MD; Stilianos E. Kountakis, MD, PhD
We conducted a retrospective study to determine the prevalence of Samter's triad (nasal polyps, asthma, and...

The prevalence and effect of asthma on adults with chronic rhinosinusitis

July 1, 2007  |  Melanie W. Seybt, MD; Kevin C. McMains, MD; Stilianos E. Kountakis, MD, PhD
We conducted a retrospective review of 145 consecutively presenting adults treated for chronic rhinosinusitis (...

Pharmacokinetically enhanced amoxicillin/clavulanate (2,000/125 mg) in acute bacterial rhinosinusitis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, including penicillin-resistant strains

August 1, 2006  |  Jack B. Anon, MD; Berrylin Ferguson, MD; Monique Twynholm, MSc; Brian Wynne, MD; Elchonon Berkowitz, PhD; Michael D. Poole, MD, PhD
We evaluated the efficacy of a new pharmacokinetically enhanced formulation of amoxicillin/clavulanate (2,000...

Platelet-rich plasma in endoscopic sinus surgery

August 1, 2006  |  Dale H. Rice, MD
The author designed a study to assess the healing properties of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) after endoscopic...

Associations between fatigue and medication use in chronic rhinosinusitis

August 1, 2006  |  Neil Bhattacharyya, MD, FACS; Lynn J. Kepnes, RNP
We conducted a prospective study of 586 adults to determine if associations exist between fatigue symptom...

Unusual rhinosinusitis caused by Curvularia fungi

May 1, 2005  |  Pedram Parva, MD; Rafael Rojas, MD; Enrique Palacios, MD, FACR

Does Helicobacter pylori play a role in upper respiratory tract inflammation? A case report

April 1, 2005  |  Paulo Borges Dinis, MD; Maria Luz Martins, MD; João Subtil, MD
Persistent isolated inflammation of the sphenoid sinus, an entity that is not diagnosed very often, poses a...

Naturally draining ostium of an agger nasi cell: A case report

June 1, 2004  |  Michael J. Yoo, AB; Namou Kim, MD; Steven M. Houser, MD, FACS, FAAOA


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