Foreign Body

Irreversible hydrocolloid: An unusual presentation of esophageal obstruction

March 1, 2007     Sihun Alex Kim, MD; Robert J. Meleca, MD

Aspirated tracheobronchial foreign bodies: A Jordanian experience

February 1, 2007     Tareq Mahafza, FRCS; Yousef Khader, ScD

Report of an unusual cause of rhinolithiasis: An 'opioma'

January 1, 2007     Hadi Ghanbari, MD; Mohammad Farhadi, MD; Ahmad Daneshi, MD

Perforating and migrating pharyngoesophageal foreign bodies: A series of 5 patients

August 31, 2006     Khalid Al-Sebeih, MD, FRCSC; Miloslav Valvoda, MD; Amro Sobeih, MD; Mutlaq Al-Sihan, MD
Ingestion of a foreign body is a problem seen in nearly all otolaryngologic practices. One of the least common complications of foreign-body ingestion is penetration and migration, which may lead to serious morbidity or even death. We report the findings of a retrospective review of a series of 5 patients who had presented with a complete foreign-body penetration. All of them had radiologic evidence of a foreign body, but findings on rigid endoscopy were negative. Computed tomography is the radiologic study of choice to identify penetrating foreign bodies. The foreign bodies in all 5 patients were extracted via an external approach.

The submucosal fish bone

July 31, 2006     Patrick M. Spielmann, MBChB, MRCS (Edin); Conroy Howson, FCS (SA) ORL

A french-fried foreign body

May 31, 2006     Peter C. Belafsky, MD, PhD

An unusual cause of nasal obstruction: A hair clip in the nasopharynx

April 1, 2006     Sandeep Berry, MRCS; Huey Tay, FRCS

Retained hypodermic needles in the neck

March 1, 2006     Michael J. Rodriguez, MD; Simon Angeli, MD

Pediatric foreign body and an unusual x-ray finding

February 1, 2006     Bart Patenaude, MD; Steven Chase, MD; Marcella Bothwell, MD

Impacted pharyngeal fish bone migrating to the retropharynx

November 1, 2005     David A. Lehman, MD; Frank C. Astor, MD; Soham Roy, MD

Septal perforation caused by nasal magnetic foreign bodies

April 30, 2005     David A. Lehman, MD; Soham Roy, MD

Management of a difficult case involving an endobronchial foreign body

April 1, 2005     John M. Schweinfurth, MD
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