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Lateral ectopic thyroid: A case diagnosed preoperatively

April 1, 2012  |  Héctor Prado, MD, Alejandro Prado, MD, and Bertha Castillo, MD


Ectopic thyroid is an uncommon condition defined as the presence of thyroid tissue at a site other than the pretracheal area. When the process of embryologic migration is disturbed, aberrant thyroid tissue may appear. In most cases, ectopic thyroid is located along the...

Two-flap palatoplasty: Description of the surgical technique and reporting of results at a single center

March 1, 2012  |  Emmanouel Koudoumnakis, MD, Ioannis M. Vlastos, MD, PhD, Kostas Parpounas, MD, PhD, and Michael Houlakis, MD, PhD


Two-flap palatoplasty is commonly used to treat cleft palate defects, but only a few reports on outcomes have been published in the literature. We conducted a retrospective analysis of 257 cases of cleft palate treated with two-flap palatoplasty at a single center in Greece...

Frontal infundibular cells: Pathway to the frontal sinus

March 1, 2012  |  Ozum Tuncyurek, MD, Murat Songu, MD, Zehra Hilal Adibelli, MD, and Kazim Onal, MD


A frontal infundibular cell (FIC) is an uncommon anatomic variant of an anterior ethmoid pneumatization that originates from the frontal recess and typically extends into the lumen of the frontal sinus ostium. FICs may show several anatomic variants that impact the anatomy of...

Type 1 first branchial cleft anomaly: Duplication of the external auditory canal

July 14, 2011  |  Matthew L. Carlson, MD, David J. Archibald, MD, and Shelagh A. Cofer, MD

Paradoxical giant inferior concha

July 14, 2011  |  Barış Naiboğlu, MD, Atılay Yaylacı, MD, and Çağatay Oysu, MD


Anatomic variations of the middle and superior conchae are common, but inferior concha anomalies are rare. These anomalies have included pneumatization, agenesis, and duplication. We describe what we believe is the first reported case of a paradoxical curvature of the bony part...

Stahl ear deformity associated with Finlay-Marks syndrome

June 1, 2010  |  Young S. Paik, MD and C.W. David Chang, MD

Adult presentation of a fourth branchial pouch sinus

October 1, 2009  |  Jon Robitschek, MD, Nici Bothwell, MD, Guy Takahashi, MD, Daniel Hall, MD, FACS, and Joseph Sniezek, MD, FACS


A fourth branchial pouch sinus is a rare clinical entity. The handful of previously reported cases have all involved children. We report a rare case of an intrathyroidal fourth branchial pouch sinus in an adult. A 36-year-old man presented with a recurrent left-sided deep neck...

Fistulography: A useful imaging modality for identifying the exact location and extent of complete branchial fistulas

September 1, 2009  |  Sampan Singh Bist, MS, Saurabh Varshney, MS, Rakesh Kumar, MS, and Nitin Gupta, MS

Ectopic molar in the maxillary sinus precipitating a mucocele: A case report and literature review

August 1, 2009  |  Jarom F. Lamb, MD, Omar F. Husein, MD, and Adam C. Spiess, MD


Ectopic teeth are rarely found in the maxillary sinus. When they are, they represent an anomaly of odontogenic development that is generally associated with odontogenic cysts, trauma, or idiopathic etiology. Although affected patients are often asymptomatic, documented...

Lingual thyroid

June 1, 2009  |  Manish Gupta, MS and Gul Motwani, MS


Lingual thyroid gland is a rare clinical entity caused by failure of the gland's anlage to descend early in the course of embryogenesis. It may present with symptoms of dysphagia, upper airway obstruction, or even hemorrhage anytime from infancy through adulthood. Treatment of...

Bilateral transversely clefted middle turbinates

April 1, 2009  |  Laura M. Dooley, MD and C.W. David Chang, MD

The value of CT venography in the diagnosis of jugular bulb diverticulum: A series of 3 cases

April 1, 2009  |  Matthew L. Bush, MD, Raleigh O. Jones, MD, and Curtis Given, MD


Jugular bulb diverticulum is a rare diagnosis, as fewer than 50 cases have been reported in the literature. It has been reported that unilateral auditory symptoms may accompany this entity, although some patients are asymptomatic. We present a case series of 3 patients who were...


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