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Type I thyroplasty revision 1 year after a window was mistakenly created on the cricoid cartilage

May 1, 2010  |  Hilmi Alper Şenkal, MD and Taner Yilmaz, MD


Unilateral vocal fold paralysis causes glottic incompetence and can result in significant morbidity. To prevent such morbidity, surgeons treat affected patients with vocal fold medialization techniques; type I thyroplasty medialization surgery is widely used for this purpose....

Disseminated plasmacytoma of the thyroid

March 1, 2010  |  Brian J. Park, MD, MPH, Randy J. Kalish, MD, and Arthur P. Vercillo, MD


Extramedullary plasmacytomas most commonly occur in the nasal cavity, nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses, and larynx. Thyroid involvement is rare, as fewer than 75 cases have been previously reported in the literature. We report a new case of disseminated plasmacytoma of the...

Parathyroid carcinoma: A rare cause of primary hyperparathyroidism

September 1, 2009  |  Brian Kung, MD, Ronald Winokur, MD, David Cognetti, MD, Brian O'Hara, MD, and David Rosen, MD


Most cases of primary hyperparathyroidism (80 to 90%) are caused by a parathyroid adenoma; most of the rest are caused by either parathyroid gland hyperplasia or multiple adenomas. Parathyroid carcinoma can be the cause of primary hyperparathyroidism in 1 to 5% of patients....

Adjuvant external-beam radiotherapy in patients with high-risk well-differentiated thyroid cancer

July 1, 2009  |  Peter V. Chen, MD, MS, Ryan Osborne, MD, Eugene Ahn, MD, Sofia Avitia, MD, Elliot Abemayor, MD, PhD, and Guy Juillard, MD


The role of adjuvant external-beam radiation therapy (EBRT) in well-differentiated thyroid cancer is not well delineated. Many clinicians rely solely on iodine 131 (131I) to destroy thyroid remnants following thyroidectomy. However, the lesser uptake of isotope in...

Lingual thyroid

June 1, 2009  |  Manish Gupta, MS and Gul Motwani, MS


Lingual thyroid gland is a rare clinical entity caused by failure of the gland's anlage to descend early in the course of embryogenesis. It may present with symptoms of dysphagia, upper airway obstruction, or even hemorrhage anytime from infancy through adulthood. Treatment of...

Follicular variant of papillary carcinoma arising from lingual thyroid

June 1, 2009  |  Churunal K. Hari, FRCS, Manoj Kumar, FRCS, Mohamed M. Abo-Khatwa, FRCS, Julia Adams-Williams, MRCS, and Hisham Zeitoun, MPhil, FRCS


Malignant transformation of ectopic lingual thyroid tissue is an uncommon event; only 43 cases have been reported in the literature. Only 10 of these cases were papillary carcinomas, in contrast to normal thyroid gland neoplasms, of which papillary tumors form the predominant...

Thyroidectomy in a community hospital: Findings of 100 consecutive cases

May 1, 2009  |  Duncan S. Postma, MD, FACS, Marie O. Becker, MD, FACS, Adrian Roberts, MD, Spencer Gilleon, MD, and Joseph Soto, MD


The objective of this study was to determine the characteristics and surgical outcomes of 100 consecutive cases of thyroidectomy (in 98 patients) at a community hospital from October 2005 to mid-November 2006. Preoperative laryngoscopy was performed in 94% of patients and...

Possible risk factors for respiratory complications AFTER thyroidectomy: An observational study

April 1, 2009  |  Ganiyu A. Rahman, MBBS, FWACS, FICS


It is widely accepted that thyroid surgery is not without morbidity. One well known postoperative complication is respiratory distress. The aim of this prospective observational study was to determine the incidence of post-thyroidectomy respiratory complications and to identify...

Giant intrathyroid parathyroid adenoma: A preoperative and intraoperative diagnostic challenge

March 1, 2009  |  Wanli Cheng, MD, Greg T. MacLennan, MD, Pierre Lavertu, MD, and Jay K. Wasman, MD


We describe the case of an unusually large (giant) cystic intrathyroid parathyroid adenoma in a 73-year-old woman who had a 1-year history of hypercalcemia and a 5-year history of an asymptomatic enlargement of the left lobe of the thyroid. This unique case highlights the...

Malignant melanoma metastatic to the thyroid gland: A case report and review of the literature

January 1, 2009  |  Brian Kung, MD, Saba Aftab, MD, Moira Wood, MD, and David Rosen, MD


The thyroid gland is a relatively uncommon site for a secondary malignancy; even less common is a case of malignant melanoma metastatic to the thyroid. We describe the case of a 68-year-old man who presented with a neck mass in the posterior triangle. Fine-needle aspiration...

Pharmacodynamic effect of iopanoic acid on free T3 and T4 levels in amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis

December 1, 2008  |  Laura Matrka, MD, David Steward, MD, Mercedes Falciglia, MD, and Yuri Nikiforov, MD, PhD


We describe the effects of iopanoic acid on daily levels of free triiodothyronine (FT3) and free thyroxine (FT4) in a patient with progressive type II amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis (AIT) who was undergoing thyroidectomy. The patient was a 59-year-old...

Transthoracic/transcervical approach to cervicothoracic thyroid cancer

September 26, 2008  |  Sofia Avitia, MD and Ryan F. Osborne, MD, FACS


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