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Maxillary myxoma: A case report and review

June 5, 2015  |  Matthew P. Connor, MD, Capt.; Michael Neilson, DMD, Maj.; Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD


An odontogenic myxoma is a rare, benign tumor that is found almost exclusively in the facial bones, usually the mandible. The diagnosis poses a challenge because its features overlap with those of other benign and malignant neoplasms. We present an unusual case of odontogenic...

Keratocystic odontogenic tumor

September 18, 2014  |  Lester D.R. Thompson, MD

Bite-wing or orthopantomograph images reveal a well-defined, unilocular radiolucency with a smooth border, showing minimal bone expansion and even cortication.

Acantholytic squamous cell carcinoma of the maxilla: Unusual location and aggressive behavior of a rare histologic variant

September 19, 2013  |  Ozan Bagis Ozgursoy, MD; Ozden Tulunay, MD; Sami Engin Muz, MD; Gaffar Aslan, MD; Babur Kucuk, MD


Acantholytic squamous cell carcinoma (ASCC) of the mucosal membranes has been documented sporadically. The highly aggressive behavior of a mucosal ASCC arising in the oral cavity has been recently reported. To the best of our knowledge, only 1 autopsy case of maxillary ASCC...


July 22, 2013  |  Lester D.R. Thompson, MD

Osteosarcoma affects the mandible and the maxilla differently, with mandibular tumors tending to arise from the body of the mandible while maxillary tumors arise from the alveolar ridge and sinus.

Recurrent Pindborg tumor of the maxilla: A case report and review of the literature

February 25, 2013  |  Gangadhara Somayaji, MS(ENT); Aroor Rajeshwary, MS(ENT); Sullia Ramesh, MDS; Sullia Dinesh, MDS


We report a case of recurrent Pindborg tumor (calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor) of the maxilla. The patient was a 34-year-old woman who had been previously diagnosed with Pindborg tumor and treated with curettage. She was subsequently referred to us for evaluation of...

Unusual maxillary chondrosarcoma

September 7, 2012  |  Daniel O. Rosenblatt, MD; Rosa B. Lipin, MD; Enrique Palacios, MD, FACR; Paul Friedlander, MD; Harold Neitzschman, MD, FACR

Chondrosarcomas can be distinguished from osteosarcomas because they have the distinction of producing chondroid (cartilaginous matrix) but not osteoid. When they occur in the head and neck, they usually are found in the anterior maxilla and sinonasal structures 

Ectopic canine associated with a dentigerous cyst in the maxilla

June 14, 2011  |  Jagdeep S. Thakur, MS, Narinder K. Mohindroo, MS, DLO, Dev R. Sharma, MS, Ravinder S. Minhas, MS, DLO, and Anamika Thakur, MD


Ectopic eruption of a tooth is common in the dental arch, palate, and nose, but it is rare in the maxillary antrum. We present the case of a 35-year-old man with an ectopic canine and an associated dentigerous cyst in the maxillary sinus that masqueraded as an antrochoanal...

Primary intraosseous carcinoma of the anterior maxilla: An unusual case and review of the literature

May 1, 2011  |  Nadia Mohyuddin, MD and Mike Yao, MD


Primary intraosseous carcinoma of the head and neck is rare, and lesions isolated to the anterior maxilla are obviously even more rare. The diagnosis of intraosseous carcinoma can be difficult, and it must be based on strict criteria. We report the case of a 40-year-old man who...

Primary osteogenic sarcoma of the maxilla

October 1, 2010  |  Raafat Makary, MD, Sania Shuja, MD, Ruis Fernandes, DMD, MD, Robert Malyapa, MD, and Nelson Goldman, MD

Calcified maxillary cyst secondary to a foreign-body reaction at the site of a remote tooth extraction

January 1, 2010  |  Alexander Langerman, MD, Farhad Sigari, MS, MD, and Robert Naclerio, MD


Unilateral sinus disease has a wide differential diagnosis. When a patient has a history of maxillary dental work on the same side as the sinusitis, a foreign entity introduced during or subsequent to the dental manipulation must be considered. We present a case of calcified...

Surgical treatment is warranted in aggressive central giant cell granuloma: A report of 2 cases

March 1, 2009  |  Jason Roberts, MD, Carol Shores, MD, and Austin S. Rose, MD


Central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) is a benign but locally destructive lesion of the mandible or maxilla that presents most often in the second and third decades of life. Reports of treatment include curettage or complete en bloc resection and nonsurgical approaches such as...

Dentigerous cyst of the maxilla with impacted tooth displaced into orbital rim and floor

March 1, 2008  |  Morton Litvin, DDS, Domenic Caprice, DMD, and Leonard Infranco, DMD


We report a case of dentigerous cyst of the maxilla and maxillary sinus that caused the ectopic displacement of an unerupted tooth into the orbital rim and floor. After an incisional biopsy, marsupialization of the lesion promoted its involution and stimulated osteogenesis....


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