Palatoglossal flap: A novel approach to cover herniated fat during tonsillectomy

March 31, 2012
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Pediatric Otolaryngology Clinic

Although herniation of parapharyngeal fat into the tonsillar fossa during a tonsillectomy is uncommon, such deftects need to be closed when they occur. One approach is to use a local flap for repair.

An important but under-reported complication of tonsillectomy is the herniation of parapharyngeal fat into the tonsillar bed. The presence of a connection between the parapharyngeal space and the oral cavity may lead to a deep neck infection, carotid injury/blowout from salivary enzymes, or subcutaneous/intrathoracic emphysema, which can lead to infections or respiratory distress.

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CitationEar Nose Throat J. 2012 April;91(4):152-154