Organized hematoma of the maxillary sinus: A clinicopathologic study of 5 cases

February 12, 2014
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Organized hematoma of the maxillary sinus is rare. Its pathogenesis is still not clear, and it appears to have multiple causes. We report the clinical, clinicopathologic, and immunohistochemical findings in 5 patients-3 men and 2 women, aged 19 to 68 years (mean: 40.2)-with pathologically proven organized hematoma of the maxillary sinus. In all 5 cases, we were able to successfully perform curative treatment via endoscopic sinus surgery. Our findings suggest that most organized hematomas are angiomatous. Immunohistochemical analysis identified the presence of proliferative activity.


Organized hematomas are uncommon, non-neoplastic, benign lesions that usually arise in the maxillary sinus.1-4 They have the potential for progressive bony erosion and compression of adjacent structures, and thus they may mimic a tumor.5,6 While demographic, clinical, and radiologic findings are useful in the approach to a patient with a paranasal sinus mass, histologic evaluation is often necessary to establish a definitive diagnosis.

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