Glass in the frontal sinus: 28-year delayed presentation

October 23, 2013
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Reports of delayed presentation of foreign bodies in the frontal sinus are infrequent and likely to become rarer with the widespread availability of computed tomography in the last 2 decades. We present a case in which glass from a road traffic injury was found in the frontal sinus, causing symptoms of frontal sinusitis 28 years after the initial injury. We also present a review of the literature.


Several authors reporting cases involving glass in the frontal sinus since the 1960s have advocated the use of x-ray to identify and localize glass in the soft tissues and sinus cavities.1-5 In several of these case reports, there was a delay of up to 2.5 years before diagnosis because of the lack of imaging at initial presentation. This delay might have contributed to intracranial complications.5

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