Gentamicin injections for Ménière disease: Comparison of subjective and objective end points

July 31, 2008
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This retrospective study reports the overall efficacy and comparative results of intratympanic gentamicin injections for disabling vertigo episodes. All patients received weekly injections for diagnosed Ménière disease. In Group 1 (81 patients), treatment end points were determined by subjective complaints of imbalance, with resolution of vertigo. In Group 2 (23 patients), treatment end points were determined when 2 or more values of nystagmus were demonstrated. (Group 2 patients were assessed before initiation of therapy for head-shaking, head-thrust, and spontaneous nystagmus using infrared video goggles.) After the final injection, all patients had audiograms and balance and oculomotor retraining. Gentamicin therapy was determined to be successful based on 3-month post-therapy findings of vertigo resolution, stable hearing, normalized nystagmus, and functional balance.

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