A false-positive FDG uptake in Teflon granuloma: A case report

April 17, 2013
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Positron emmision tomography (PET) is successfully used to monitor malignancies. Unfortunately it is not tumor specific. We present a case with history of rectum cancer and lentigo maligna who underwent PET-CT which revealed an increased uptake in the larynx. What was first considered as a third pirmary turned out to be a Teflon granuloma.


Teflon injection had been widely used in the 1960s when it was first introduced to treat unilateral vocal fold paralysis. Unfortunately, long term granuloma formation and unpredictability of the material resulted in its being replaced with other injectables including hyaluronic acid, autologous fat and collagen injections and or with external laryngeal framework surgery (thyroplasty). We report a case of a Teflon granuloma which was found in a PET-CT scan 25 years after the injection.

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