Endoscopic view of sphenoid sinus illumination and transillumination

February 12, 2014
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Rhinoscopic Clinic

The sphenoid sinus has been considered a more challenging sinus to view with the lighted guide wire; unlike the other three paranasal sinuses, the sphenoid sinus is “hidden” from view because of its more posterior location.

This 44-year-old patient presented with recurrent vertex headaches, nasal congestion, and “runny nose.” Her symptoms persisted despite multiple antibiotic treatments and a course of oral steroids. This nonsmoking patient had no history of diabetes or allergies, and she had not previously undergone sinus surgery. Preoperative sinus computed tomography (CT) demonstrated significant opacification isolated to the sphenoid sinuses bilaterally; the remainder of the paranasal sinuses were clear (figure, A).

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