Endoscopic view of a middle meatal cyst

July 13, 2014
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Rhinoscopic Clinic

Obstruction of the middle meatus and ethmoid infundibulum can occur as a result of swelling of the mucosal surfaces of the soft tissues, although most such obstructions are caused by polyps. Obstruction from a cystic mass is less common.

A 29-year-old man presented to us with a 2-year history of recurring right sinusitis. His most recent symptoms included right nasal congestion and persistent right facial discomfort. Endoscopic examination revealed the presence of a large polypoid cystic mass that had filled the right middle meatus (figure, A). Findings on examination of the left nasal airway were unremarkable. Computed tomography (CT) showed opacification of the right maxillary sinus and the right middle meatus (figure, B).

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