A concha bullosa mucopyocele manifesting as migraine headaches: A case report and literature review

April 30, 2012
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A concha bullosa is a common anatomic variant that represents an aerated turbinate, usually the middle turbinate. It is usually asymptomatic. When extensively pneumatized, a large concha bullosa may cause significant problems, including headache, nasal obstruction, and blockage of sinus drainage. We report a case of a large concha bullosa mucopyocele that manifested as recurring migraine headaches. It was successfully treated with surgical excision. We also review the available literature.


A concha bullosa is characterized by pneumatization of the middle turbinate or, less commonly, the superior or inferior turbinate.1-3 Conchae bullosa are usually asymptomatic, but in cases of extensive aeration, a large one may cause symptoms-typically, headaches (secondary to mucosal contact), marked nasal obstruction, and impaired sinus drainage.

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