Online Marketing for ENT’s: Finding New Patients in 7 Simple Steps

An online marketing presence is essential to success and growth in today’s healthcare space. From websites, social-networks, and mobile applications, more and more patients are going online to find the right doctor for them. As of an early 2015 study, 64% of American adults now own a Smartphone. 62% of those owners have looked up information about a health condition in the last year. It's time to whip your practice into shape!

Taking the Pain Out of PQRS

The penalty of noncompliance can really hurt. The bottom line: Report PQRS measures for more than 50 percent of your applicable Medicare patients for 2014, or face a 2 percent Medicare penalty in 2016. Unfortunately, most PQRS systems put the data entry burden squarely on the doctor. With tens of thousands of “yes-no” questions that can easily add up to 25 to 40 hours of provider data entry, time and accuracy become a clear concern.