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  • A Practical Approach to Penicillin Allergy Testing

    Did you know that although penicillin allergy is the most commonly reported drug allergy in the United States, up to 90% of patients labeled as “penicillin allergic” can actually tolerate penicillin after undergoing testing? Did you know that penicillin allergy is not necessarily permanent and that many patients “lose” their allergy to penicillin over time? Did you know that you can be allergic to one type of penicillin but not necessarily allergic to another?

  • Online Marketing for ENT’s: Finding New Patients in 7 Simple Steps

    An online marketing presence is essential to success and growth in today’s healthcare space. From websites, social-networks, and mobile applications, more and more patients are going online to find the right doctor for them. As of an early 2015 study, 64% of American adults now own a Smartphone. 62% of those owners have looked up information about a health condition in the last year. It's time to whip your practice into shape!